Saturday, October 24, 2015

Techniques Coloring for Kids

How to hold the instrument colors
1. As hold a pencil (general way)
This method is more neat and detailed when used, but more slowly when it is used to color the broad sections quickly

2. As a knife or spade (coloring books)
By holding slanted like a knife / shovel, allowing color images with color tool position "tilted" so that quicker and flat when used for coloring a large area

Scratches or hatching coloring pages for kids
1. Following the lines of the image
- Scratches / shading follows the pattern and direction of image
- Scratches or shading should be unidirectional and flat, but also be given effect to give the impression of a flat transverse
2. Unidirectional and flat
- When coloring go slowly (when it has been used to try rather quickly), flat, neat, unidirectional / regular (scratches / shading do crisscrossed)
3. Blend the color
- Alloy color can give the effect of a more beautiful and alive. Please try yourself to combine colors.
- Examples of color combinations: dark colors with bright colors; Dark blue and light blue, dark green and light green, orange to yellow, etc.
- When using watercolor, basic colors red, blue and yellow can be mixed to produce new colors, eg red and blue to purple, blue and yellow to green, yellow and red to orange, etc.

Printable coloring pages for kids